Hoping for some info on settings

Hi got my new sovol sv06 plus and have been doing some prints with a profile I found on youtube. the profile has speed set at 150mm and the benchy came out perfect , so moved on to larger print and not sure what is happening here

hoping someone can tell me why i am getting this strange it looks like layer missing or seperating at strange places on the model???

Your printing too fast.
Everybody wants speed…it’s faster, print has issues, slower print looks good…simple.
As much as you probably don’t want to, slow down to 60-80mm.
You have a lot of things going on in that print, so slower is better.
If was just a square box with no detail, go fast. Once you start getting detail, you need to slow down.

Weirdly enough i change to prusia slicer and all my problems on the print are gone.
But thank you i expected that might be the problem but it seems cura was the main culprit.