Benchy roof is warping! Please Help

Hi I bought my first 3d printer and trying to print benchy what’s on the SD card. The print looks very nice til the roof at 88-89% the half rounded door edges are warping and the extruder Hit the boat. Where’s my fault? Can you help me

What slicer are you using? The Sovol-Cura slicer included with the printer or just the Free Cura version downloaded from their website?

I can only say I opted for the Free version downloaded from their website, chose the “SOVOL SV06” profile and modified the profile by copying what Aurora Tech did in this video: Prusa MK4 or MK3.5 pumped-up Clone? The $349 Sovol SV06 Plus w/all-metal planetary direct extruder - YouTube

The whole video is worth watching, but skip to 2:40 from start to watch how she makes a profile by modifying the existing SVO6 profile. You may have to hit pause a few times, as she goes very fast, but it shows you what parameters need to be changed.

Try re-slicing the benchy in this program and see if it helps. Worked for me.

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Big thanks for this quick and detailed answer. I will try it tomorrow after work.

It was the very first try from SD card what’s inside the package. It wasn’t sliced by my self.
I already downloaded ultimakercura, sovolcura, prusaslicer and slicer. (Need to try all of these to show how is good or not)
The only difference what I see is the layers in sovolcura are often not closed on edges. I don’t know if this is only a wrong show or if there is really anything wrong.

Like this.

This i only see in sovolcura

Here is my benchy using eSun Black PLA as described above…

Now I found a setup guide for ultimakercura to insert the correct Data for sv06 plus and I tried to print benchy again. Now it works pretty fine. It’s not kicked off the plate. I only forgot to change the quality from extrafine 0.1 to normal 0.4. the print takes more than 2 hours :rofl::see_no_evil:. Also the temperature I think was a bit to high. I printed the included white pla from sovol wit 200°C and in the doors I become strings. Now a bit fine tuning and I hope I can start with some print’s