Problem: Lack of Sovol printer profiles in both Cura & PrusaSlicer

@sovol3d - A request/suggestion:

PrusaSlicer and Cura 5.2.x are two very popular slicer programs that lack profiles for current Sovol printers…

There have been several previous questions about this (including myself):

Cura 5.2.2 has three Sovol printer profiles:

PrusaSlicer (current 2.5 release and 2.6 alpha 3) has no Sovol printer profiles at all:

Even the version of Cura that is shipped w/my SV05 doesn’t have an SV05 profile included!

It would really be helpful if you supported your brand by providing printer profiles for some of the top slicing software, so that customers can enter the 3D printing world smoothly. This seems like a very basic activity that should be prioritized. Appreciate your feedback on this request. Thanks! :slight_smile:


hi @Danabw We appreciate you taking the time to provide advice on behalf of SV05 users. The engineer has been given priority in receiving your request for printer profiles for this particular software. Thank you again for your feedback!


I am using google translate ( my english is poor).
The sovol SV05 is practically the same as the Creality Ender5 S1. You could use the profile that prusaslicer brings for this machine. I have compiled the prusaslicer for mac with the sovol printers but I have only introduced those of the SV06 that are the same as those of prusa, varying the retractions. Those of the other printers are just copies of the SV06 except the SV01 and SV01Pro

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Yes, I based my initial setup in PusaSlicer several weeks ago on the Ender 5 (Ender 5 S1 had not been released).

My point is that a company as professional and active in 3D printing as Sovol is should provide printer profiles for their printers for the most popular slicer software - it’s a basic level of support to enable their customers to quickly and easily start printing without having to figure out “what’s close enough.” Hope that makes sense.

Hi there - here for the same reason and questions… as I imagine more people will be too… a good number of your SV05’s were bought recently at Danabw’s recommendation. :wink:


Hello, must also work via google translate.
I have the SV04 and the PrusaSlicer and I somehow found a configuration file, but I don’t know where to insert it in Prusa.
Use Win10.
As has often been said, it would be good if it were standard for Svol to deliver something like this to Prusa!