I need a slicer

What slicer do you recommend? Are there any with settings for the sv07?

The best slicer is the one you feel most comfortable with.
Moreover, depending on the models, you can use different slicers.
For me, I use IdeaMaker and Cura.
The difficulties is to have to make the profiles adapted to its printers and its filaments if they do not exist.

I just setup the SV07 and found a profile for Prusaslicer (PS). I’ve found it fairly easy to use coming from Cura. As another contributor stated, use the one that works for you. I’ve heard of some interesting features of PS so I’m giving it a go.

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Hi Rob (or somebody else),
Could you tell me where i can find/download the profile for the sv07 for the Prusa slicer?
Thanks in advance

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Hey Rob
As well as FrankWallie is saying i would love to know if you have installed the profile from MakerMuse or did you get your hands on an offficial one?

Printables was a good start

BTW: I came from Cura which i loved, then set up the sovol slicer, then switched to prusa slicer and tbh its so much better and cleaner. i can highly recommend prusa slicer