Does anyone have a Cura profile for the SV07?

I like to use the Ultimaker Cura slicer but it doesnt have a profile for the SV07 yet.

Does anyone have a set of profile files I can use?


I assume that sovol provides a cura profile with the existing cura slicer on the key that comes with the printer.
If so, just install this version, export this profile and import it into the latest cura version.

They include a Cura profile in their modified version of Cura, which is Windows only. It leaves us Mac users with a glorified paperweight.

So I installed their modified version and copied over the files.

I had stringing issues using the same PLA I did with the benchy test I did, same temp etc.

So tried with the modified version and guess what? Printed without any issues whatsoever.

So either I’ve screwed up my filament profile or they modified something somewhere. I’ll retest at some point with current Cura and a non-modified filament profile soon.

Anyway, if you want the defs they are here:
SV07.def.json (5.1 KB)
SV07_extruder_0.def.json (357 Bytes)


Yep… I wish they had a simple profile download for us Mac peeps so we could get started with a good baseline right away. Especially for us Mac peeps who are newbs! Lots of stuff to learn for sure.

i have downloaded your files and copied to resource folders but i still can’t get it to show on “add printer”. any suggestions?

Rather than making a copy of files and folders, try going through a Cura import/export.

finally figured it out. had to go to Help > Show Configuration Folder then save those files on there.

Can someone give me exact procedure to get things to work on MAC (Cura 5.4)
I tried this 3 options:

  • copy the all config folder (from windows install) does not nork
  • copy the 2 json file from here into the configuration folder, does not work
  • I can’t see any import config on the Mac Os Cura

Ok got it to works, 2 files need to be copied in installation folder, not configuration folder


then launch cura and add printer

I found an easy way to do this that is different than the installation folder method…

  • Open Cura → Help → Show Configuration Folder

  • Add the printer and extruder files to the “definitions” and “extruders” folders respectively

  • Close Cura, then launch again. The profiles will have been added.

Thank you to sovol3delger for the definition files.

Somewhere after you posted this, Sovol put mac configuration files up on the download area. It appears to be the only SV07 file up there: no manual, no firmware, etc.

It seems this file no longer exists, or the URL is wrong.

In the meantime Youtube Videos are showing updates to CURA from SV07 and SV07-Plus. I updated the Profiles from Runs very good… :slight_smile:

Does anyone know how to add SV07 plus in Cura via WiFi? Computer and printer are in same WiFI but in Cura no printer can be found via Network. When i try with its ip addess it also does not find.

Any ideas maybe?


Are you used to using octopi? You can’t conenct to the SV07 that way, you need to go into the marketplace and add the MOONRAKER plugin. Once that’s done you’ll have a button in the machines profiles to connect via moonraker and you’ll put the machine’s IP in there.