Need SV06 cura files

My original tf/sd file died. Anyone know where I can get these file:

Or a new copy of the original sd/tf

Thanks Jim

I got got my SV06 a few days ago and made a backup of the SD card files before I formatted it. I don’t think they have all of these on the website - I believe the curaprofile file is on the download page, but not the other two.

I zipped up those three files and put them up on S3 since the forum doesn’t allow posting any files other than images.

Hopefully that’ll help.

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Do you know where curaprofile file is on the download page is?

Thanks Jim

I found it at SV06 Cura Profile (for reference) - Google Drive
have you seen this one GitHub - Sovol3d/Sv06-Source-Code: Visit sovol website.Welcome to post your ideas on sovol user group or sovol forum.

Thanks again Jim

Yep, that was the .curaprofile I saw on their download page, but they don’t have those two .json files posted. I’m not using Cura myself, so I don’t know how much those matter, but if those are needed I put the ones from the SD card in the little zip I uploaded.

That Github link is for the printer firmware itself. Useful if you want to build your own firmware, but there won’t be anything in there for Cura or any slicer - it’s just the raw firmware.