Any slicer with simple selection for SV06 PLUS?

New here to 3d printing. I’m probably oversimplifying, but Is there any slicer with a simple selection for SV06 Plus?

Sovol does offer an old Cura Version (this webpage somehwere), but the new CURA version does have the 6+ included as well.

Have you tried to export the SV06+ profile from the Sovol Cura and reimport this profile in the new release of Cura ?

I was using the sovol version of cura for the longest time. Was frustrating and buggy, but I didn’t have to play with setings, etc.

The latest version of Cura has support for the SV06+ and works well.

I´m using Cura 5.4. Need some little adjustments, but it’s ok.

What did you have to change? I haven’t done a thing and it’s printing well

Temp and Retraction towers to print petg. i have blobs with default settings suggested in sovol guide. I remove water for filament before print. isn’t humidity.

I have been using Orca Slicer it has been working great. Only has profile for .4 mm nozzle, but that has worked very well for me.