Priont speed and caculation

Wondering how this works.

In cura my speed is 50 mm/s claims 6 hour print
on printer screen speed 100 claims 12 hour print

What governs the sped and can I sync these two?

I noticed that too. it seems that the firmware always defaults to 100mm/s. I believe this printer is very capable but the firmware for it is nowhere near where it needs to be.
I think until they do a meaningful update you’ll just have to go in and manually slow down the print speed on the touch screen.

Its not only the print speed which goes wrong.
My SV06 Plus only takes the BedTemp from the gcode.

Nozzle temp ist 0°C
Fan 0
Print speed 100

I already texted Sovol but by now no answer.

Hope this gets fixed soon. Its my first printer and i really like it so far.

I also noticed this, even in Cura 4.13 ( not the one they send)

Yes i also used both the Cura that came with the printer and the original in the newest version.
Only thing noticeable that the prints are better with the original Cura.

what is the best way to fix this, I have data now and if I can adjust a number in cura I know what ti aim for to make it calculate better.

cura says 13:11
but took 9:6