Sovol sv06 - nozzle interchangeable with creality?

recently got a sv06. can i use creality nozzle? are they the same?

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It’s a standard MK8 style nozzle. You can use any MK8 nozzle with the SV06.

You can use all MK8 Nozzles. I#m using a MicroSwiss A2 0.6 Nozzle without problems.

I also have used a e3d nozzle
(they are the same length but have longer threads)

Had the same question. The Sovol nozzle does look alot different than the creality mk8 nozzles, though. Have an ender 3v2, and just got alot of nozzles for it. Enjoying the sv06 alot. Quick to setup, and printed some decent silk filament so far. Now taking a jump to some wood filament so nozzle shopping, as well. Only couple days into the new machine, and hate to muck anything up since it’s printing well.