Sovol SV04 BL Touch Installation and removal

WHere can I find a video or guide on Removal of a broken SV04 BL Touch sensor

I haven’t found a video from sovol on this.

But I have taken this extruder apart already, so I can tell you the high level.
First is to turn off and unplug the printer.
There 4 screws clamping the 2 blue aluminum parts together. You have to remove them. Becareful, when you remove the last screw as the extruder will fall if you don’t hold it.
As soon as they are separated, you will see two screws holding the bltouch. You can remove them and the bltouch won’t be attach to the blue aluminum plate anymore. Follow the path where this cable is plugged in and you will see where the cable is plugged in. My cable was hot glued to the board (I hate this because it makes it hard to replace). So you have to make sure to carefully remove this glue without cutting other cables or yanking on the cable (that could damage the board). That was the most annoying part of this.
Once this is done, you can just plug in the new one and put it back together.

I hope it helps.

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Thanks for that advise
Before I remove the whole extender I
Will first turn the whole unit over
And see if those two screws are accessible when it is upside down , after I get it out I will look at the glue and see if I can heat up an exacto knife and cut through it. If I can please tell
Me the part I Need to order or put a link to it please.