Sovol SV01 - Octoprint speed/feedrate settings

I’m just setting up my Sovol SV01 with Octoprint and looking for some assistance with the maximum machine speed/feedrate settings.

The default in Octoprint are:
X: 6000, Y: 6000, Z: 200, E: 300

The machine settings in the SV01 Cura G-Code under M203 show:
X: 500, Y: 500, Z: 10, E: 50

The Octoprint settings are in mm/min, while the Marlin documentation says M203 is in mm/sec. Does that mean I should multiply the SV01 numbers by 60 to get the correct values for Octoprint?


Just wanted to update that these numbers seem to only update the jog speeds of the machine, and that they can be multiplied by 60 to match the original jog speed of the SV01.

I used X: 30,000, Y: 30,000, Z: 600, E: 3000 and it works perfectly.

OctoPrint because it is a third-party software we have not actually tested, we suggest you go to google search or to youtube to find the answer to this