Sovol slower than Dremel?

I just bought a SV06 Plus to replace (?) my Dremel 3D45. I have a big job coming up so I thought I would use both printers simultaneously. For the SAME part, the Sovol print time is longer than the Dremel. Settings: 0.1 mm quality, 20% infill, Sovol speed 150mm/s and Dremel speed 50 mm/s. Note that is not a typo, that is what the Cura setting is.
Dremel print time 33 minutes, Sovol 46 minutes. So that begs the question, how can the “faster” Sovol take more time to print than the Dremel?

Probably because the other slicer settings are different.

Both use Cura. Both had same settings.

Precisely, you should not have the same settings

You guys are missing the point. Exact same settings except the Sovol is set to 150mm/s in Cura and Dremel is set for 50mm/s in Cura. Exact same model to print but the “faster” Sovol took longer by 13 minutes. There is ONE difference. The Dremel was loaded from a USB flash drive, the Sovol was connected to USB port to computer. (Same port expander, USB3.0) It was just a curious question.

If you want the SV06 Plus to print faster, try the Sovol version of Cura.

It is an older version of Cura & the settings can’t be imported. I have yet to see a real fast Cura profile because users are installing Klipper.