Sovol 3D SO-2 Homing Failed

I have been using my SO-2 as a pen plotter. It was working fine until last night when I tried to plot some writting and it got stuck trying to find home. The only thing I remember doing differently than other time was that as soon as I turned it on pressed the home button without letting it “start” properly. Now every time I try to home the pen it gets stuck and gives an error that says homing failed. And when it manages to get home and I try to start to draw the X axis where the pen is placed doesn’t manage to move freely.

Any help or adviced is appreciated I am very happy with my device is helping me do exactly what I need to do however I do not know how to fix this problem. Thank you for any advice or help on the matter.

Did check the mechanical components of your X-axis:

  • the timing belt is intact & has all teeth & the belt tension is sufficient (should be the same tension as on Y-axis belt);
  • no difference in resistance when moving the printhead (writehead) along the X-axis by hand (motors have to be powered off);
  • all eccentric roller bearings located on the X-axis are fitting without play & same pressure;
  • all roller treads are free of dirt;
  • the travel paths of the rollers on the v-slot profile are free of dirt on top & bottom side
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hi @Bjoern Appreciate your detailed analysis. :hugs: @jgomez Besides what Bjoern has suggested, could you pls also try reflashing the firmware via reloading the firmware
firmware.bin (33.0 KB) to the sd card and replugging it into the machine when it’s shut down then waiting for 20 seconds?

If that doesn’t work, pls add a video to show the case, thanks in advance!

Thank you for all your helpful advice. I finally have sometime to check my device. I am trying to reflash the firmware however I cannot find a place where to put the sd card in my device, Sovel 3D SO-2. Do i have to flash it from the PC?

Here are some videos.

When trying to home it gets stuck half way.


Trying to home again, there is some grinding sounds.


Thank you in advance.

I have the same problem with homing. The head is stuck in some position. Woh to reset to fatory settings or how to load the firmware.