Slice looks good, prints off center

Hello, I have a 2 piece model that I am trying to print. Everything looks fine in the slicer but when I print, the model from print 2 is off center. It is not print head offset calibration, I have spent a lot of time calibrating with different models and the calibration is great.
I uploaded some images to imgur to show, you can see in the first image that the first layer Brim bed adhesion prints in the correct position, then when it starts the second layer the model is offset. I also did a test where I sliced and printed a 2 piece calibration cube which you can see in the images, the cube prints correct, I then deleted the cube and loaded the other model and sliced it and it prints incorrectly with the exact same slicer settings.
Images of bad print.
I have never seen anything like this and cant figure it out.

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Are you merging or grouping? I had same issue, but I can’t remember what I choose sorry but its either merging or grouping.

I was grouping only, not merging.

Hello ShreddinPB,
It should still be a problem of xy offset, Please try it again.
Reference video.
How to Set 3dprint Offset for Dual Extruders of Sovol SV04 IDEX 3D Printer - YouTube
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I guarantee you it is not. I calibrated with 3 different print calibration objects. If you look at this image you can see the that print itself isnt centered in the bed adhesion brim. If the print head offset was off, it would still be centered within the brim itself since the brim is also printing from the same print head.