I’m experiencing a shock everytime I come in contact with my printer, is this normal due to static or do I need additional grounding

That is not normal. Is the electrical outlet grounded? Are you using an extension cord or power strip?

I am as well. I am using a power strip. It is quite dry in my room, usually about 25% humidity. Maybe your room is dry too?

Not sure what the humidity is, but it does feel like a static electrical shock

I was about to say, I have been shocked by my sovol because I was carrying static.

If there is a grounding issue, do you think it would be possible to detect with the use of a voltmeter?

Indeed, there is.

Set your meter to ohms range (lowest possible to see single ohm digits) and probe from the aligning pins on the heat bed to something that should be grounded (tap faucet, wall radiator, big piece of metal rammed into the soil,…) to check the full loop including your house wiring and other cords.

Optionally check between the middle pin in the power socket - so the longest (when the power cord is pulled out obviously) and the print bed pins. If you see more than 10 ohms I’d be at least concerned. 1 to 2 should be fine.

Another probing point on the printer apart from the two pins on the heat bed should be exposed metal and screws on metal frame. The z screws and rods are not connected to anything afaik.