Sensorless Homing--> Sensored Homing

My SV06 works well but the loud noise from sensorless homing means I can’t print at night in my small apartment due to the homing noise.

I have homing switches I can wire/mount but was wondering where I should connect the wires on the controller board and if there is a parameter I can change in Cura or my printers software to use sensored homing instead on sensorless.



The only loud thing is the Z-align, right?
You don’t have to do this before every print.

If it happens on X and Y you can adjust the Sensorless Homing value in the Advanced Settings.

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It is a loud X axis homing but I didn’t realize this is not required for every print. I just won’t home the X at the beginning of every print.

If I did get want to look at the sensorless homing value in the advanced settings, how do I get there? I looked through the settings and didn’t see a place where I can change the value (when the dropdown is set to show all settings). I also didn’t see anything when I “home” "sensor, “homing”, etc. Thanks!

Sorry, I thought the values can be changed.
Maybe they are hardcoded in firmware…

You were right, you can change the homing values in the advanced settings in the printer. I had been looking in Cura :slight_smile: So that’s why I didn’t find it. This seems to have solved my issues.

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