Send m commands to sv06plus?

I wanna figure out how to fullly calibrate the printer.

But as i understand it i will need to send m commands to my printer to fully do that.

How does that work on the sv06 plus.
The connecting and abbality to send commands

Any tips or tutorials would be very appreciated

Thank you

I’m quite poor at this, and after some years of patient care learned this phrase:

" I know it seems like you just asked me what time it is, but you actually asked me how to build a clock"

That is a very good phrase ill remember that one.
You are right i should specify.

I mean more the bit of how to do that command sending bit.

The gcode and m commands i can fivure out.
But i dont understand how to send them to the printer.

Do i write a gcode file on microsd or can i connect and send commands with cura or something?


Several options

The one i got to work is pronterface

Thats a windows program

Printer on
Pronterface open
Cable up

Use muose clicks

Enter key works while your typing but not always
Com ports are the only buggy bit, but not bad com3 and 115200 for me.

G29 gets you a mesh you can cut from PF an paste into a website to get a visual

Well that seems easy enough haha i thought that it was another type of the firmware.

Thank you now i now what to google haha

Another is repetier

The advantage here for me is it eliminates the need to deal with any of the toy computer language or hookup
Which is a can of worms that detracts from the joy of printing

Thank you very much its getting clearer how tk do this.

I didnt know repetier was a interface my velleman vertex nano had repetier as a slicer.

I didnt really bother calibrating it because its so tiny haha.

If i dont forget ill let you know how it went

Ah, simples then, get a copy of repetier cuz familiar its older I know that, I DL’d both to drive a Tenlog TLD3 (first printer) bad choice, tho in hindsight, while I figured out what a purge line was, and how to ask a slicer to make something strong, or ptretty, or fast, and all the things that affect those attributes…
I had always a working extruder while I tinkered)
I went with PF cuz the interface or something. never could get a PC connected to that machine. I made a buncha stuff, some nice, most not, the mobo died one day and I quit melting plastic for almost a year.
then I got a MK3+ and that was a change. so nice, then a sidewinder to get the volume back, but its not reliable at all, got a sv06, added a second, and then the PLUS (I don’t use the sv06 part of the name anymore, the plus is not really all that, yet)
all those connect to PF no sweat, commands run fine, I do PID’s mostly, and running g29’s to get the table of plot points. You can then cut and paste into this site 3D Printer Auto Bed Leveling Mesh Visualizer – lokster | space I got one bed perfect with 4 spacers and a silicone pad. the other 2 have silicone on every bed point. perfect being about 4 thou total across the surface, hot. which aint bad

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holy crap preheat is very important just running g29 gets me a 0.2 difference.
after running it again its down to 0.1 max difference.

i did go with pronterface and its quite lovely if you use a reliable cable first cable was crap didnt show the printer but now i did pid temp tune and its actually pretty easy just follow the tutorial haha.

thanks again.
i might work on that build plate at a later date haha