how do you return printer

If you bought it from Sovol, you have to email them.

Hello Greenlee,
do you have the original packing material?

Yes I do still trying to see if I can figure it out

I woke up nice today,

This 3d printing thing is not a breadmaker. Not yet. Mebbe not for some time.
It is a multifactorial puzzle, and the automation is very open loop.

If Dave cannot swap brakepads on a corolla, or pop the panels off the office printer, Dave should return it.

And if Dave bought it direct, Dave will be very frustrated and disillusioned before he gets his money back

been working through it .I think this is a big learning curve but will work in long run thanks for help was about to give up

Best of luck with the return.
I just wasted 2 weeks of slow email response just to be told I should sell it locally rather than return it. Then they started the campaign giving 10 Kg of filament with the SV06 plus making it effectlivly $180 cheaper than mine. I simply don’t have the time or initiative to start rebuilding a new printer from scratch. I am headed to the Bambu site (P1P )although that was not at all my first choice.

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