Resume print after power loss?

I thought the sv06 plus had resume print after power loss.

Is that not correct? I can’t find it in the menu anywhere…

Hi, I don’t think there is a reason to have such a menu.
Simply, the power fails and when it comes back, the printer asks if you want to resume.
But maybe I’m wrong.

That is what I thought too, but my power went out for a brief moment and the printer came back on but there is nothing on the menu or anyway to restart the print. I don’t see anything about.

I don’t remember exactly.
It seems to me I’ve tried it.
I am far from my printer. When I’ll be back I’ll take a look.

Hi OP,

I only know this because I have turned this off since I use a UPS and OctoPrint.

You can check that it’s there and turned on, but I can advise about using it.


Enable power-loss recovery

M413 S1

Disable power-loss recovery

M413 S0

Report power-loss recovery state

Power-loss recovery ON