How do you use the resume function SV02?

Can anyone enlighten me on how to use the “resume print” function on my SV02? I was 3/4s through a long print, and had to stop the print overnight. When I returned the next morning to re-start the print, when powered back up, my printer asked to resume (yes/no). I hit yes, and the printer immediately went to raise my z axes, and popped the print up, moving the bed! My print after 8 hours was now garbage! Can any help? Thanks!

hi @KenL Sorry to read about your trouble. Generally speaking, the power-off renewal can be resumed by the last stop position

, it may be caused by the hotbed plate temperature decreases resulting in not the dip tight on the plate during the time you stop the machine and away from the model, and thereof leading to the power-off renewal process off. In this regard, you can do a test as follows:
Print a model, then turn off the machine, wait a few minutes, then turn it back on, follow the pop-up hints to start power off and continue to play, and observe whether the original position can be connected.

Hope your issue would be resolved asap.