Can I pause print and return to it hours later?

I’m new to 3Dprinitng. I have print jobs that take 18 hours. I’m a little concerned about leaving the printer going without supervision.

I saw a youtube video on a Creality Ender 3 where the guy paused the print, then turned the unit off and returned in morning to resume print.

Is that capable in Sovol 6 plus? Is there much concern of leaving these units to run all night?
Does pausing the print job cool the head and bed?

If you turn the printer off, you loose your print.

I’m gonna guess that in that video the user must have glued the print down, but even then I still wouldn’t turn off the printer.

I was a little worried the 1st time I did an overnight print, I think everyone pretty much is.

Good luck with whatever you decide.

short answer ^

long answer
if you hit pause, the bed stays hot, the brain retains spatial postion, the nozzle cools. Solely to avoid cooking the fillament. so very much on, but paused so you don’t miss any of the fun. Or need to fix something real quick.

your post alludes to a much deeper subject.

Its titled “Why am I cool with a 220V 50Amp heater, screwed into a pressurized vessel, to run 24/7 without a thought, but buggy about 110v device with a PS that would struggle to heat up a cup of tea?”

and the answer is

UL approved

I lost power by mistake on mine .restarted printer asked if i want to continue I did came out with a few bumps where it started over but overall didn’t take much to fix

On a PEI bed if the bed is allowed to cool down it will “let go” of the print.

PLA is tacky at 60 degrees so sticks strongly to the bed at that temperature, when the bed cools down the PLA hardens and the steel of the bed contracts, this breaks the bond between the bed and the print.

If I do an overnight print and it has finished half an hour or more before I come to it the print has completely released from the bed and can just be picked up without even removing the bed sheet to flex it.

So any pause would have to keep the bed heated to ensure the print doesn’t fall off.