Replacement extruder gear

Hi @sovol3d ,

It looks like my extruder gear has failed. What should I get to replace it and how…?


hi @sovol3delger Pls contact CS at for assistance.

Did you ever find a replacement for this gear?

@ImTheLiquor no. This is what I got back from support:

"Yes, may i know if you have referred to these video for cleaning before? It seems that the gear is still good and just need a clean on it.

If the problem still persists after cleaning the extruder, we will provide you with the related replacement kit for you."

I have yet to try cleaning it…

That’s a shame but not unexpected. I sent them an email asking about it a few days ago and am still waiting for a reply.

I was having issues with my extruder for a few days and I found that the grub screw holding it against the shaft of the planetary gear assembly had gotten loose. Tightening that screw fixed my issue.

Hi @ImTheLiquor

I dont suppose you documented/took a video of the fix? I’m still a little new to fixing these issues…


The gear looks fine. Just scrub it with an old toothbrush.

I did not, however if you watch the video about cleaning the gears posted above you’ll see how to access them and the grub screw in question.

Oh my. Now I see what you mean about the grub screw. Mine was not exactly what you would cause tight. No wonder I had failed prints and stringing regardless of the retraction settings…

See here:
Lose screw

and for anyone else that needs to know where it is, it’s here:
How to tighten it

You do have to take the whole hotend apart to get to it…

you do NOT need to dis-assemble the entire extruder to check/tighten the grub screw,
all you need to do is unscrew the knob/long screw on the lever arm, open the leaver arm, and rotate the motor till you can see the grub screw( i did these exact steps on my scond extruder( the first I did a full disassemble on and it was a frustrating extruder as it would NOT print tpu(but the second did) and unfortunatly bothe extruders were blobbed to death, and I an currently waiting for a third one that was ordered two weeks ago

Ah, thats great to know!

Next time it happens (if it does) then I know I dont need to spend nearly 2 hours messing about dismantling and re-assembling it.

Thank you!!

there is also a quicker way to dis-assemble down to the gearbox,
1 disconnect all the connectors on the connector board
2 dismount the electronic connector board and mounting plate,
3 then unscrew the TWO screws that hold the extruder onto the gearbox
4 gently pull the extruder from the gearbox

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My grub screw got loose in the first week of owning the printer. It was scratching the extruder creating a large amount of metal shavings and ultimately got stuck to the frame jamming the extruder completely.
Cleaned it all out as best as I could but the extruder gear is damaged and filament is not extruding.

Easily avoided with a tiny bit of threadlocker on the grub screw but hindsight is 20/20