SV04 Filament Gear Replacement

I need to get additional gears for my direct-drive filament for my SV04 printer. I took the whole thing apart and could not figure out how to get the gear out. It’s attached to the large plastic-gear-wheel and without risking breaking it, I stopped because it would not come apart. I’d like to have spares as my gear is almost worn out. I also need instructions on replacing it as well. I removed the motor, the gear on that is just fine… this is the gear that actually pushes against the filament. HELP!

hi @StlScott sorry to read the trouble. Could you pls add a photo of the gear to show which one you would like to disassemble and replace?

I can’t take picture right now because the printer is in use. However, it’s the one behind the fan on the right-side of the extruder.

Thanks for the images. Please contact the CS at for a replacement. They’ll address your issue properly. Pls provide your order Id and note that you are direct here from sovol forum.

Did you ever get help with this. I am also interested in taking this apart.

I need help with this as well, the gear is ground down and I don’t know how to fix it. I don’t know where I could buy a replacement either. I really need help because my print quality is horrible if i do not get this fixed.