PVA supports on SV04

I’ve got a part that I designed in tinkercad that requires quite a bit of support. I’d like to use PVA (Sainsmart brand) so I can just drop the PLA part in some hot water and let the supports dissolve. So far the PVA is printing okay, I ran a temp tower and got a very small amount of stringing but nothing that would cause problems. I’ve sliced the part in dual mode using the Sovol branded cura and it all looks good. I dropped the “z support distance” to 0. So far I get a decent beginning but after 5 or 6mm the support material stops adhering to the previous layer and the print goes to hell after that. Sort of spaghettis from there on.

I figure it’s probably some setting or settings that I need to tweak to get the PVA printing better as supports but not sure what those settings would be beyond the one I’ve already set, z support distance.

Anyone got a checklist or something on how to get PVA supports printing nicely on the SV04?