PVA supports on SV04

I’ve got a part that I designed in tinkercad that requires quite a bit of support. I’d like to use PVA (Sainsmart brand) so I can just drop the PLA part in some hot water and let the supports dissolve. So far the PVA is printing okay, I ran a temp tower and got a very small amount of stringing but nothing that would cause problems. I’ve sliced the part in dual mode using the Sovol branded cura and it all looks good. I dropped the “z support distance” to 0. So far I get a decent beginning but after 5 or 6mm the support material stops adhering to the previous layer and the print goes to hell after that. Sort of spaghettis from there on.

I figure it’s probably some setting or settings that I need to tweak to get the PVA printing better as supports but not sure what those settings would be beyond the one I’ve already set, z support distance.

Anyone got a checklist or something on how to get PVA supports printing nicely on the SV04?

I’m just starting with the SV04, and after printing in dual color, and copy mode, i’m now trying to print with PVA support.
I’m using CURA 5.4.0
Please share your tips with me

I can’t use with Cura 5.4, it has a bug with the extruder number and swap it.
I’m printing using PVA for supports with Cura 5.3 and I don’t have any problem.

Tips: in the double extrusion section, reduce the value of retraction to 4mm from the default 16mm or PVA would clog. For best results use interface in the support section and reduce to 0 the distances between support and pieces. With eAsus PVA use a retraction of 4mm with a very slow speed (20mm/s). The printing speed of PVA must be very slow.

I can send you a working profile with eAsus PLA-SL and eAsus PVA. Only need to adjust the temperatures to your filaments or try directly because are very usual values.

Thank you for the tips. I’m using eSun PVA, and changed retraction and speed according to your suggestion. I’ll wait a bit for the results

I would like your profile to check it against mine. I’ve been trying to troubleshoot my dual extrusion project with PLA and PVA. The PVA just isn’t working right. I will look at the suggestions you made but would like to compare my PVA profile to yours if you don’t mind.

eSun PLA+ + eSun PVA.curaprofile (2.9 KB)

This is a profile for Cura 5.4