Printing Profiles for SV04 to Simplify3D

Hello, as most parts that I need to print need supports, I chose to buy Simplify3D, since the slicer is capable of producing very good supports.
But still I can’t get good quality in the parts where the supports are made. So I bought an SV04 believing that using HIPS or PVA filaments will give the quality that I need. However, now I have another question, configure Simplify 3D for Sovol SV04. Also, does anyone have print profiles for SV04 to Simplify 3D?

I’m sorry I don’t use Simplify3D Alex.
I use either Ideamaker or Cura.
For Support I love the Tree Support functionality of Cura so I never bothered looking into other slicers.
Have you tried this functionality?