Printing different PLA than the one that came with the machine? SV06 stops after a few layers, no PLA extruded

I received the SV06 these days and I managed to print a few prints with the PLA that was delivered with the printer (PLA 1.75mm, White 50g, Nozzle: 195-210°C). Until here everything went fine.

Now I changed the filament (see the picture) and printing won’t work anymore.

After a few millimeters of height no filament is coming out of the nozzle anymore (see the picture below with the three failed prints). I use the SV06 print profil which sets the printing temperature to 175°C, a build plate temperature of 60 °C and the print speed to 60 mm/s.

After letting the printer cool down a little I can follow the steps to load filament. Then I have to push a little harder at first (the filament into the extruder) while turning the wheel but once it passes filament comes out as usually.

What’s the problem?
What do I have to do to be able to print with this filament?

If you need more info please let me know.


Hey Karl,

try to increase your printing temperature, give 200°C a shot for example. It could be possible that after the a while the temperature will be too low to succesfull print your material.
Also check for tension on the screw on the side of your Extruder. This one should be well tighted.

Hi @karlsinn

You may want to have a look at this thread as well:


The the other poster pointed out. Up your temperature to at least 200c. In cold environment to 225c or greater. Bed temperature at least 70c.

Too cold the filament doesn’t melt. The reason why the the first few layers melt is do to the bed heat.


thx to all the answers.

Meanwhile I’ve dismantled the extruder twice, cleaned and rebuild it.
I have printed a temperature tower and figured that the best temperature for this filament is 220 °C. Printing now with this temperature.

After still having had problems I printed a retraction tower the first with retraction from 1-6 printed until level 4 well then completely failed. I had read before that the setting should be around 0.5 so I printed another retraction tower for values from 0.1 to 0.9 but the result is… stringing all the way. Not sure what to do about it.

Then I tried to print two bigger prints, they still fail at some level, not sure what to do and what to try/calibrate next.

The thread mentioned about printing failures around the same layer time, I’m following it. If I find interesting things there I will try them.

Still, what should I try next?


Hi again,
I saw there’s a new video about how to clean the extruder, I have done that again, and printed, and again at a certain height the extruder just stops extruding.

I will contact support now

@karlsinn When you say that the print fails, what exactly happens? Does the printhead stop moving, or does it continue to move without extrusion? Does the temperature hold or do the bed and the extruder start to cool down?

Please keep us posted about this issue.


the printer keeps going on moving, temperature is up for bed and nozzle but no filament comes out.
Everytime I need to disassemble and clean the extruder.

Is it possible that I have a problem with the temperature sensor?
What’s your idea?


Are you sure the temperature is holding? Is there any fluctuation, because that’s normal for any printer? If it’s safe to do so, next time the print fails, let it continue, wait 10 minutes and see if the bed is still hot, and if you can safely do so, check the nozzle temperature as well.

Are you able to navigate the printer options via the display?

When you start the next print, do you have to re-load the filament or is it already in place, ready to flow?

If you have calipers, can you measure the diameter of the filament? I’d like to eliminate the filament as a variable. Any chance of getting your hands on some filament, from a known brand, such as eSun, for example?

Were you able to contact @sovol3d support?

Sorry for the late answer, I start to realize that in 3D printing everything takes a lot of time :slight_smile:

For the temperature, I bought a pyrometer to measure. As for the bed the temperature is about 5°C off. When the printer says 60°C I only have a little more than 55°C on the biggest amount of the surface. Only when I measure right in the center the temperature gets close to 60°C. getting to the borders the temperature drops to 50°C.

Shouldn’t the temperature be consistent over the whole bed?

Now for the nozzle I get readings around 40°C when the printer says 220°C but this might be cause I can only point the thing on this block of metal or the nozzle, and that the outer temperature is not like inside seems to make sense. What numbers am I supposed to get there? Or is this already completely off?

For the filament, I can’t measure it precisely enough, my digital caliper says 1.7 all over but this one shows only 1 digit and also has a tolerance of ±0.2. I bought a better one but I’m not used to read that one so… as far as I can tell the diameter is 1.75 ± 0.02.

I did run a few prints now with success but I had to raise the temperature 10°C over the maximum for the filament (225 for PLA that’s rated 185-215°C, 260 for ABS rated 230-255°C).

All in all it looks like my printer has a problem with the temperature sensors. Or is this within “normal”?


One more thing - what is your room’s ambient temperature? Is it below around 23C (73F)? You may need to invest in an enclosure.


It’s just around 23°C.
You think an enclosure will help with PLA as well? Or only ABS etc.?


The bed temperature should be uniform throughout. Likely, all SV06 users would get the same readings as you, that is, the heated bed isn’t great, but should suffice for filament such as PLA and PETG without issue.

It can be difficult to get accurate nozzle temperature readings with a laser sensor. Don’t worry too much about it. I was trying to figure out whether the printer firmware has crashed when the filament extrusion stops.

Curious, when the print would continue without extrusion, was the filament gear turning?

Based on your ability to successfully print a few times, it seems that you needed to increase nozzle temperature. To put this to the test, can you re-print one of your successful prints at the original lower temperature? If the print fails, then it means that your print temperature wasn’t high enough. By the way, usually there is no harm in printer hotter. I usually print on the hotter side to increase layer adhesion.

If you are printing in a living space, that is, not outside or in a garage during a cold Canadian winter, you do not need to print in an enclosure.

How about this:

When you start the next print (after a print failure), do you have to re-load the filament or is it already in place, ready to flow?