Printer bed vibrates loudly at end of print

It seems to do this by default to “present” the print for easier access.

I’m using the Sovol slicer and have played with the end code but cannot seem to get it to avoid the step of moving the bed all the way out and vibrating loudly.

Does anyone know how the end code can be modified to stop this?

You homed and leveled the printer before you print and save the measure?

I’ve done the levelling before and just did it again. I always save the settings after. This isn’t a level issue. It is an issue where at the end of the print job, the bed comes out to the front to “present the print” and seems to want to go to far so it vibrates at the end of the distance that the bed can move forward.

I’m using the Sovol slicer with the default start and end g-code script. The start script does a home.

When I did the 25 point level just now, I noticed that the last 2 rows are already bumping up against the limit and I have always wondered why all of my prints print at the back of the bed instead of in the centre.

Is there a way to calibrate the range of the bed?

I just manually pushed the bed all the way back before running another level command and this seems to have helped the positioning.

Shouldn’t the printer know where the bed is?

Now it is printing in the center and there is no more vibration.

Thanks for your response - it triggered me to try some additional steps that have solved the issue.

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