Print Breaks MidWay Through on My Sv06

I am VERY new to 3d printing and during the middle of my prints it just… breaks? I am using beagle print to print from my phone but I am pretty sure that has nothing to do with it. I hear some cracking and then boom the print is in a different place and there is a pile of spaghetti everywhere. have tried putting some hairspray and glue on the bed where the print is but that did not help. I think the extruder is knocking the print over. I am using PLA and running at 100% cooling: 60 bed temp: and 195 end temp. What do I do?

I’m gonna guess & say your using Cubic infill…change your infill to Gyroid.
Cubic & similar infill patterns will hit the nozzle when it passes over itself.

Ah, I see. I have changed it to gyroid. I was using zig zag but i guess that is similar enough to cubic. I tried again and the print still hit the nozzle. Tell me if you need more info

By the way I have Leveled my bad and my z axis.It is definitely hitting the extruder. I just need a way to keep that from happening

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