Power supply or board

My SV06 started with a power error and now the display doesn’t works. The power supply is on and the display works only when I connect the micro usb to my pc but the printer doesn’t works. I disconnected all cables and let stay without power for a while then connected all cables back and it started with the display but when I make the Auto Home (Preheat) the display turns off. Before that I could do the Auto Z-Align. This is a new printer. Is this a power supply ,board issue or both?

It sounds like a bad power supply or connection to the power supply. These boards can be powered by the USB cable but that is only for the board, it can’t supply the 24 volts needed for the motors and heaters. Check the voltage switch on the power supply to make sure it’s set to your home voltage. Also remove the board’s cover and make sure the power wires are secure on the power supply and board. UNPLUG THE PRINTER FIRST. If it’s still dead power it up with the cover off, the power supply should light up. No light = dead. If you get a light CAREFULLY check the voltage at the board and on the + and - terminals on the power supply, DO NOT TOUCH THE AC LEADS. 24 volts at PS and board, bad board. 24 volts at PS only, bad cable. 24 volts at board only = miracle because they don’t work that way.

I think you made the right choice. Sounds like the power supply is failing once it warms up.

Best of luck on your repair!

I’m glad you got it fixed! Well done!


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