Nozzle size question

hello! Newbie question here. My sovol2 came with a 0.4mm nozzle, and I tried to change it to a 0.1mm nozzle that I bought off amazon, but the threading on the ones I bought was much longer than the nozzle my printer came with. So now when I try to re-level it, the nozzle takes it past the home position crashing into the bed. This is even with the springs underneath tightened all the way. Is there a way to correct this with the nozzles I bought or do I need different ones? Are there specific nozzles I need to for this printer? thanks!

These are the nozzles I bought:

Hi Ericb1,

You should see a sensor at the bottom of the z axis. This is what stop your printer when it’s trying to find the home position.
Just slightly unscrew it, move it up a little bit and it should prevent the nozzle from crashing on the bed.
And you should be able to level it.

Just be aware that by doing this, you will lose a few millimeters on the z axis.

oh, duh! Thank you! I knew this was a dumb question…