Nozzle keeps hitting print off bed, retraction settings from paper in box

Please advise!
I had two good solid prints, then I switched nozzles to the .6mm and then it kept knocking off my prints, I slowed it down and then gave up on the .6mm nozzle when it didn’t work. But now my original nozzle .4mm is doing the same thing…

Whenever you change a nozzle, you have to re-set the Z- Offset.

Yea I did that, for both changes. Reset offset and aligned Z and did a bed level

I did the soup can z axis gantry level thing and it’s working fine now, I must have moved it when I first changed the nozzle!
I must have misaligned the z axis gantry when I didn’t remove the extruder while changing the nozzle. But after soup cans -turn off motor and make level ->z align ->z offset and then level bed- working good now, resolved thankfully!

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