Nozzle heating problem

I had been having a problem with my SV06’s ABL not probing in the right locations. Thanks to another forum member, the problem turned out to have been caused by the build plate cable being incorrectly jammed under the plate rather than positioned OVER the rear cross frame member.

Now I have a new problem:the nozzle heater fails to come up to temperature. It heats rapidly at first but then slows down and stops at about 175°C (when trying to reach 185°) and displays the message:

Heating failed: E1
Please Reset

If I try to preheat to 230° it will rise to about 195° then fail in the same manner.

This may be a problem related to an issue I had when I first got the printer: After a good Benchy and two parts I had designed, the next print failed with a bunch of PLA jammed up under the silicone boot. The nozzle was very difficult to remove, even while being heated with a heat gun.

I decided to replace the brass nozzle with a tungsten one, but it would not thread in. I think the factory nozzle had been cross-threaded. I bought an M6 tap and chased the threads. On reassembly, the filament refused to feed correctly.

When I had dismantled the heater the first time, I thought I saw evidence of heat transfer paste being used between the heat block and the feed housing. I bought a tube of Slice brand boron nitride and used some when I reassembled everything.

So now I have this E1 failure (and no, removing the boron nitride doesn’t fix it).

Any help would be appreciated!

hi @Rons4stars Sorry to know that. Could you pls try the following things to check if they can help sort the issue?

  1. Check whether the heating cable and thermistor wire of the nozzle is firmly and tightly inserted, and if there is no damage, pls re-plug it, if there is damage to the parts pls provide pictures of the damage for futher look.
  2. Restore the factory settings, and pls provide a picture of the modified nozzle kit to lookup, and check if the heat dissipation fan for the nozzle is damaged
  3. Refer to the video to clean up the extrusion kit, reference video: