Nozzle crashed in to bed


After a couple of weeks faultless operation of my new Sovol 06 I was having an issue with a consistent print error (see “Consistent Printer Error” post). So I carried out the bed levelling procedure again, including setting the Z offset to see if it would cure the problem (I have done this procedure several times without issue) . After carrying out the bed levelling procedure I started a print at which point the nozzle gouged the bed (see attached picture).

The only thing I can think of that may have caused this is that I selected “Load Settings” rather than “Save Settings” when levelling the bed.

Anyway I replaced the nozzle and turned the bed over to use the non gouged side, unloaded an reloaded the filament, carried out the bed levelling procedure again also setting the Z offset and started a print. At which point nothing came out of the nozzle (the nozzle wasn’t blocked as I could purge it when changing filament).

I thought that the nozzle may be to close to the bed so I carried out the bed levelling procedure again also setting the Z offset so there was barely a drag on an A4 piece of paper. After this I started a print and the nozzle scraped the bed, not as bad as the initial gouge but enough to ruin the nozzle.

I have ordered a new bed and some nozzles.

What steps can I do to resolve this issue, has the printer been damaged by gouging the bed or is it something that can be addressed without the need for new parts other than the bed & nozzles?


This also just happened to me. Was the root cause identified?

Afraid not?

Bought a new bed, hasn’t happen since.

What firmware version were you running when the nozzle crash occurred?

My bet is you didn’t auto home twice before doing the Z offset, or autohomed without heating it up first. That was my mistake when I did the very same thing. Twice. So, basically, you did your z offset with the nozzle higher than it should have been, then saved that. Then it autoleveled, and added your offset to it’s low calibration, and bed plowing ensues.


That could well have been it.


I can’t remember what the firmware was but I upgraded it on the advise of Sovol support to SV06V2.0.0A_2.24.Bin

Did you do z alignment first?