Nozzle cooling runs constantly?

is it correct that the nozzle cooling is constantly running, although the nozzle is cold? Even with my old I3 Mega, the nozzle cooling switches off below 60 degrees …?!!

If you are talking about the fan on the left. That’s not the parts cooler.

spannmagoo: I’m talking about the left nozzle cooling fan, not the part cooler fan ! (SV06Plus)
Why does the fan runs even when the nozzle is cold after cooling down ? It should be temperature controlled, that reduces the noisy volume and saves energy!

The fan that points at the nozzle is on the bottom and is the parts cooler. The one on the left is the heatsink fan. This will always be on and is by design. I would go to the Marlin discord if you are deadset on changing this.

Actually, that fan is quiet compared to the PSU fan.
It runs on most printers as a safety against heat creep.
You can always try to mod it if you want.

the actual cause of the heatsink fan running all the time is that the CONTROLLER BOARD (creality design clone) does NOT have enough mosfets to allow the heatsink fan to have a mosfet to switch it on and off, the anycubic control boards have a fourth mosfet to control the heatsink fan, BUT the creality & clones only have threee