Hotend Fan Speed at Start up/Issues within first 2 weeks

I upgraded to a 5015 fan and now it seems when I start a new print it takes a little longer to get up to temp. I was thinking because the hotend fan stays at a constant 100 from the very start. I would like it to wait till temps get to a certain point (depending on material etc.) My original fan was already failing from day one making whinny noises. I had a bearing fail first week and my switch on my power supply sizzled and turn the machine off. I want to love Sovol but they are taking a long time to respond to support request. If this was a machine I replied on for production I would be upset with their customer support. I have managed to fix all the problems myself. I think a 2 week old machine should not be having those issues but some form of compensation from the manufacturer would be nice. Actually some just some communication would!

the hotend fans on ALL creality based designs ARE always on as the creality based controller boards do not have enough mosfets for more than hotend, headbed and parts fan.
it takes a controller board that has 4 or more mosfets to be able to control the hotend fan( or extra hotends)