"No media" in menu when SD card inserted

When inserting an SD card I clearly see a “Media inserted” message on the screen, but when I scroll to the bottom of the menu it says “No Media”. The SD card reads in my computer just fine. I’ve tried the SD card that comes with the machine, and another one. I’ve tried reformatting, but always “No Media”.

Try shortening the file name. Sometimes you need to remove and reinsert the SD card. Since I did that all my files show up.

Surely the filenames on the included files for the cube and basket aren’t too long? I renamed them to a.gcode and b.gcode and still nothing. Removed and reinserted the sd card multiple times. Tried powering it on with sd card in it and inserting after it had booted. neither works. pretty sure sd card reader is broken. :frowning:

welp… unplugged power and took the bottom panel off to inspect the main board. no visible issue with the sd card reader. reinstalled panel and powered up and now it can see the files on the card. Hope it doesn’t randomly stop working in the future…