No connection with Win11 and Cura

Cannot update my firmware with Cura as it is greyed out. Worked fine with Win10 but not Win11?

hi @seanner Could you pls try it with a different USB cable? It appears that some users occasionally come across the situation that Cure cannot connect to the machine. In the meantime, you could reflash the firmware and use the Creality Slicer. Here’s the video guide for your reference: CR 10 V3 Flash firmware tutorial - YouTube.

I’ve tried with another USB but still no connection.

The instructions in the video are for Creality v.1.2.3. Currently, Creality slicer is v.4.8 and these instructions are no longer valid.

All I am trying to do is flash the firmware to allow for the BL Touch. Has to be a way for this to be done.