How to update firmware for BL-Touch from Mac?

Trying to add a BL-Touch to my Sv02. I have everything installed and wired up, however I can’t seem to update the firmware. I have downloaded the firmware provided by Sovol on their website, but I can’t tell if I am successfully updating the firmware or not. I can’t connect via USB through Cura b/c I am on a Mac and Cura just says it can’t see the printer. I installed the .hex file on an SD card and put in the slot reader, however I can’t tell a difference. When I try to level the bed with the BL touch sensor (the sensor is lit up and seems to initiate when the machine turns on), the sensor doesn’t seem to activate and the head kinda “crashed” into the bed. Any help would be greatly appreciated.

You often just have to copy the firmware onto an sdcard, and start the printer (with the sdcard inserted).