my X axis does not return after each operation

my problem is that the X axis does not return to 0, if I do bed leveling it will reach the right, it will go down and keep trying to go to the right, if I cancel a print it does not return to 0 (left), but if I manually move X from the screen it works, i tried with a firmware update but my results are the same

1st check to see if your belt is not too tight, then the bully drive gear is not loose or slipping, make sure the grub screw if tight. Check that the X-axis stepper motor is not bent. Try homing your axis in the firmware, making sure the X-axis moves to the left. If you cancel prints, then the printer will not move x-y-z axis as it may hit the print. If all else fails, clear the EPROM’s in advance settings and set your machine up again.