Micro SD extension cable fail

Hey all,
just wondering if anyone has found a working solution.

I bought a 46cm cable from amazon, male microsd / female SD

its very fussy about how its plugged in, with

being the normal outcome

I can get it to work, but only by removing and reinserting the cable each time, which defeats the purpose.

This is something usual because the microsd connector inside the base has a switch that reset the connection. I have the same problem in my old Creality but the firmware had an option of “change media”. Pushing it the firmware reloads the microsd as if you reconnect physically the card. I dont know if your printer firmware has the option.
The other option is reset the printer or turn after insert.

Right on


Bumpity bump, any github frequenting Sovol guru’s want to chime in?

I suppose the issue will get mainstream in a year or 2 of use by normal size hands, and the high rate of bord/socket joint failures