Could anybody use a SD extender?

I have an SD extender (male/female) that I used along years in my old Creality. To make the work easy I wanted use in my SV04 but the printer doesn’t detect the SD car. Thinking that perhaps it was broken I bought a new one in Amazon that arrived today, and same problem.
I don’t know what happens but this kind of devices don’t have any component inside, only a connection wire to wire.
Any experience?

Yes the same for me with a SV06+.
I have tried with 2 different extenders with the same bad result.
Probably a wrong pinout of the Sovol SD reader.

I believe that the pinot must be right or the SD cards could fail. I’ll study it, it’s a stupid problem.
The board is from Creality, and I used the extenders in my old CR10 until it died. Must be a faulty contact or perhaps the fake sd of the extender is very thin

Here is the reason given on a french forum to explain this trouble. I have translated it :

It is a problem of detection of the SD card which is already initialized at the time of the introduction of the extender cable.
In fact the detection cannot be carried out twice (once by the micro SD at the time of the insertion of the cable and the second time by the introduction of the SD.
In conclusion when the micro SD or SD card is detected immediately at startup the boot is read to read the contents of the files at each introduction.
The solution would be to disable this detection of the micro SD on the motherboard, so when inserting the SD card, it would start the process first via the extension cable.
So I stay with the SD card introduced in the extension to start the SV06+ on power-up, it’s the simplest. :smile:

It isn’t the problem. I know it perfectly. For that reason the CR10 had in the menu an option of reload the sd card, and the SV04 asks for reload the sd if it can’t find.

The simply way, I insert the SD in the extender and then connect the extender. Does it work? Not

It isn’t a problem of the switch, it’s other kind of problem