Update Firmware via USB SV04

Is it possible to update the firmware via USB? Unfortunately, someone broke the SD card reader so I’m not able to use that.


The only other way that I know would be to use ST Link V2 and a Hex firmware file format.
you can buy an ST link from amazon for $10 or so but you need to be careful for this process.
It’s not easy and you could damage the motherboard if you don’t connect the pin properly.
It will be best for you to contact the sovol team at info@sovol3d.com so that they can help you with this.

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Thanks. I’ve emailed them, just waiting for a response. Not too concerned about connecting it properly. I work on PCBs as part of my day job :slight_smile: Glad to know there is an alternative as it seems to work fine otherwise. Just stuck on a really old firmware.

I also broke my SD card socket, I didn’t realize it was upside down. It worked for a while if I jiggled it but finally fell apart. I have put in an order for a replacement motherboard (at my cost, I broke it) but no response yet.
I’m trying to solder on a new SD card socket but the ones I had didn’t have the same number of pins. I’ve ordered the correct ones. I would like to repair it so I have a spare. And I have a big yellow printed label over the slot on the case that says INSERT CARD FACE DOWN.

yeah, that’s pretty much what happened to mine… I still haven’t heard anything back from them yet either.