Marlin 2.1.2 - We need more Sovol example configs, and is an update to 2.1.2 in the works?


Marlin 2.1.2 is out with some cool features, notably input shaping.

Currently there are only three Sovol printers w/2.1.2 example configs provided:

  1. When can we expect 2.1.2 example configs for the SV04, SV05, and others?
  2. Sovol, can you confirm that work is happening on a FW update for printers like the SV05 that are running on older 2.0.9 Marlin version?


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The board in sv06 and sv06 plus is supported if you look at the boards.h in the latest bugfix builds for Marlin. The issue for the plus will be the screen they choose to go with.

Just because its in the boards.h file doesn’t mean it is directly supported. Just the MCU

When they put the full config in the examples section, then the SV06 plus is fully supported.