Klipper issue loading print files

I just updated my sv06 with the klipper touch screen. It took me a minute to upload the new firmware on the printer. Now that the printer is setup now im having issues on how to print from an sd card. Not sure where to put the sd card in. Any help would be greatly appreciated

You can still put the micro sd card into the port on the mainboard, or put it in a usb adapter and plug it into the port on the side of your Klipper screen. Option three would be connecting your pc via moonraker and sending your gcode directly to the printer.

Ive done both but when I press the print on the screen nothing shows up on the screen. All my files are stl and I tried using 8gb sd cards. Not sure if im doing something wrong.

Stl files still have to run through your slicer software; cura, orca,prusa, etc… Your printer will only ready .gcode files which is what the slicer software compiles from your stl file.