Issue with loading filament into extruder SV06

Has anyone else had a miserable time with loading filament (and the SV06 in general)? I cannot get a straight response from Sovol. This thing has plagued me since I bought it in November. In order to load filament I have to take the screw off and guide it in by hand. Every. Time. It is extremely frustrating. The auto change function just pushes it into the extruder itself and misses the hole every time.

I had to tinker around with the screw on mine until i found a sweet spot that was tight enough to properly extrude and retract, while not being so tight that it chewed up filament. I can print PLA, PETG, and ABS fairly reliably but TPU is still a toss up.

The issue is the actual loading. It will not find the hole in the bottom of the extruder.

This may be silly response, do you cut the filament at a 45 degree angle?

I did. This is my third printer and the only one that just does not work.

Have you disassembled the extruder? There ar mentions of hotends that are not well aligned and screws not propperly fixed. Maybe that’s your case?

I had the same problem. Thought it was a poor design of the printer. Until another member explained how to do it. Let the wheel do the work. Cut the filament at the 45 angle as usual. Straighten out about 2 inches of filament. Feed the filament in and slowly turn the wheel. Works like a charm. Never had trouble since.


25 degrees or less is better. Straight out the filament.

45 degrees cut is standard in loading filament on any 3d printer. In the case of sv06 25 degrees or less will help a lot. Basically make it as thin as possible.

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No, I have not taken it apart. Now that I know how to properly load the filament, I never a problem. The trick is to cut the filament at the angle (any angle will do), straighten out about 2" and feed it into the hole and then turn the wheel and let it feed into the hot end.

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If you do not wait for the unload process to run and pull the filament out early the next insert will be a problem. If I let the unload process complete before pulling the filament I have no issues. I f you have the problem then heat your nozzle much hotter than normal and push the filament until it goes through, you will be waiting for the filament that is already there in the heat break to warm up enough so be patient, or try even hotter nozzle temp till it works. After you do this twice you will no longer pull the filament early and let the filament change process do it’s job. Don’t forget the reset the nozzle temp before you print.

Yeah you need to heat up the nozzle and melt some filament before pulling it out. Otherwise it might get stuck and can cause a lot of problems which unfortunately I found out.

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It also happens to me, but it looks like was my fault. I think i pulled to fast when was taking out the previous filament. My solution was to rise the Z axis till i was able to work under the nozzle, preheat the nozzle to 250º and insert the needle over the bottom in the nozzle so i unblocked all the rest of the filament from the old colour. Now i load the new one with the wheel and it´s printing again.