Is it just me or is the Sovol slicer software ridiculous?

OK so I designed this part which has some overhangs which need support, but also has a lot of round holes in a gently outward-slanting surface which absolutely do not need support. If I turn on supports, I get a support for every hole – even if the support angle is 89 degrees. There’s also an arch that gets an unneeded support. But if I turn off supports, I don’t get the supports I actually do need.

Seriously it thinks I need a support HERE?!?

I can’t show you the version with the hundred supports for circles because I already worked around that by changing them to hexes – pointy top.

Then let’s talk about adhesion for the supports. For those on the outside of the model, that’s fine – they sit on the brim I specified, which is expended to include them. But the model is hollow and for supports that end up in the middle, they are just a tiny blip with nothing around them on the plate, and they come loose during printing.


How can I not edit individual supports? How can I not specify an allowed length for an unsupported span? Do y’all actually use this program or is there something better you would recommend?

First of all, instead of the Sovol release, you can use the stock Cura release.
But, for me, I prefer to use IdeaMaker or, eventually, Prusaslicer.

Is there a reason to think the stock Cura release will not have the problems I listed? Like, did Sovol introduce these problems?

What do you mean, “eventually”? You feel I’m not ready for Prusa Slicer, or it’s not ready for me?

I dismissed Sovol’s Cura version directly after installation & having a first look at it - I personally prefer PrusaSlicer, but you’ll have to find out for your own which slicer flavour is your favorite…
PrusaSlicer allows to specify the threshold overhang angle above which automatic supports should be generated & also to set individual support enforcers & blockers.

I don’t know but it’s the best way to know if the trouble come from Sovol or Cura.

I don’t know which slicer you are used to working but I don’t have this problem with either of these, nor with Cura for that matter. If I don’t use Cura it’s because I don’t like it.