Interesting design targets, budget allocations


well, I’m new to the party. started at 6

have 2, run em a good bit.

got a plus, which a pretty poor chassis, tough to tune harmonics out of, which the bad firmware exacerbates, but its bigger.

think Lane Bryant. bigger… not better, but bigger

anyway, I say all that because its pretty clear from what I saw prior and read aftr, buying, that this was a half assed project in a box I ordered.

knowing that upfront and getting it on that stupid cheep mainsite sale a month back, and the fairly good support I have been getting on the AMAZONSOVOL, made getting one an easy choice.

dunno how many of you removed the big burr in the Z colum mating surface, I did.

the Y belt tensioner is a lovely bit of design. vastly better than the crap L brackets on the 6, and the oops.
but dimensioned by the the same idiot that been trying to bend Y motorshafts since day 1. The L brackets I can mitigate by drilling and tapping a second set of holes, 8mm over, then mount the pulley correctly. not possible on a 7.

drilled and tapped a 3mm in the center of the sled, and a 3.2 in the center of the bed.
so, 5 point bed mesh {flex}

Damn sled is not square to the Y vslot, so I’m correcting that before powering it up, wouldnt matter if you were keeping the Ender style bed mount.

Then the hardpart starts…
new computer stuff for the old machinist to learn