Installing E3D V6 on an SV01

I carried this out some time ago, and wrote up some notes on the experience. These consisted of the official E3D notes, the really excellent Creative Graphic Group notes, and some of my own added based on my actual experience -

The firmware I use as stated is the Coptertec 1.6.3 (Marlin Different builds are needed stated for hot tightening max temp changes, thermistor changes etc. These were carried out using the Coptertec source (BLTouch and standard board in my case), rebuilt and uploaded from Visual Studio Code. The details on how to do this can be found in Teaching Tech’s YouTube video ‘Updated Marlin firmware setup guide - VS Code and Auto Build Marlin’ -

It is an excellent solution for all filaments I have tried - PLA, PLA+, TPU, PETG, PC+CF.

Note that for various reasons I subsequently moved on a bit to other E3D parts - plated copper heater block, titanium heatbreak, PT1000 temperature sensor - to allow for pure PC filament and its high temperature needs. In actuality I only used the Priline PC+CF which must be a PC blend as it is lower temperature, so none of that was strictly necessary.

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Thank you for this info.
I’m about to change my direct drive to Revo Hemera on my SV04.
Even though it will be a different process, this information will be useful!

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Hi Ciol…
So I just bought from a sovol sv04 and I need to print Nylon CF whose nozzle temperature should be between 295 and 305ºC.
Were you able to install Revo Hemera on your printer?
If so, besides the revo hemera have you also installed E3D hotends? If yes, what were they?
And finally, did it work? is everything working fine?
The curious thing is that today, by the way, 30 minutes ago, I talked to Keith from E3D’s technical support about replacing the extruders and the original sv04 hotends with the rapidchange system, but as I still haven’t received the printer and I couldn’t send photos or videos of the hotend and extruder, Keith couldn’t say whether the replacement was possible and feasible.
as for the message from nmw01223, thank you very much for the links.
I’m sure that when I receive my printer I will change the default hotends for others and I will have to change the firmware…

Hi Alex,

I finished designing the mounting plate that is used to attach the Revo Hemera on the SV04 printer.
If you want I can upload and link my STL file.

I also had to solder the heater block wires since the 2 wire format that came with the Hemera was not compatible with the 2 plugs format required on the SV04.

I also flashed the motherboard with the updated firmware set up that E3D advise for this extruder.
This step was only possible because the SOVOL team published on their website the source code of the latest firmware.
So I only downloaded it and changed 4 lines of code exactly as advised by E3D.
Then compiled the new firmware and flashed the printer with it.

However, right now, my heatsink fan is not working (everything else works though)
So I will be working on that this weekend and as soon as I can fix it this installation will be done!

Please note that I lost about 16mm on the y axis.
But this printer is so big that I don’t mind it at all in exchange for this high quality extruder.

Unfortunately, I never tried to install the V6 E3D hotends. So I can not give you advise for this.

It sounds like you are about to have a lot of fun with your printer :slight_smile:

Keep us posted on what you do!

Hi Ciol,
I just saw your message now…
I’m having numerous problems with SV04…
what a headache. Why didn’t I buy a Pantheon?
Maybe because they don’t deliver it to the place where I hide… lol
Anyway, from thermistors showing erroneous responses, vibrations on all axes even at ridiculously low speeds of 5mm/s, in addition to the warping of the heated table.
Well, I’m not just fixing the printer, I’m practically redoing it.
I built a cabinet for the printer as I need to print HIPS, ABS, Nylon and Nylon Carbon Fiber.
Starting from the cabinet, I managed to lock the gantry (z axis) and I no longer have vibration.
I removed the magnetic base and I’m using a mirror, so I was able to minimize the table warping, getting a maximum difference of 0.22mm between the maximum and minimum points of the print bed.
But even so, I continued to have defects in the prints.
I tried to pull the X-axis belts and it wasn’t working, so I tried to disassemble everything…
to my surprise, when I removed the extruder I found it too heavy and decided to weigh it…560g without fans, 3d touch and the support/car (picture 1)…
I found this surreal, even more so compared to the direct extruder of my Ender 3 S1 (237g - picture 2).
After realizing this I decided that I’m going to buy REVO Hemera extruders and, as you already installed them on your SV04, I would really appreciate it if you share your mounting plate files…
By the way, I was very pleased to know that you installed a REVO extruder, so I can clear up any doubts with you. And the first is, how are your impressions? Improved compared to stock extruder? and about the quality, can you print layers equal to or smaller than 0.1mm at a higher speed?
Speaking of speeds, yesterday I saw a video of a printer working at 400mm/s and with accelerations of 1m/s2…
Take a look at Pantheon HS3 High Speed 3D printer

picture 1…
system blocks more than 1 file for new users like me…

Hi Alex,
Yes, the SV04 Extruder is heavy and that caused me to print slowly if I wanted a good quality print (to my standard) but what motivated me to change was not this.
I wanted to easily change nozzles to 0.8mm so that I can print in a shorter amount of time when I don’t care about the layer height and then I can change it back to 0.4mm whenever I want, just as easily.
I haven’t tried to use a 0.1mm as it would take forever to print anything on such a big printer (even if you speed it up).
FYI, the Hemera Revo with these 2 printed files weight around 400g (352g from Hemera)
I will upload the files this weekend with some high level guide to follow

And to help you visualize here are two pictures showing my results (and I know I have to handle my wires betters, it’s just not my strength)

Hi @Ciol,

This looks great, would you mind sharing your stl files? How has it been printing well for you?

Do you have any high level guide or advice? For example you mentioned about changing the firmware. What changes did you make?

Did you get your fan working?

What settings did you use for the 3dtouch?


Hi @Ciol,

Can I also check, did you replace both hotends or just extruder 1?

I’ve just picked up a couple of hemera Revo xs and want to swap them out for the original hotends