HUGE problem @ bed leveling with nylon vs filament change

so how do i level the bed if there is no option to do it without any filament? you can only change the filament, not take it out completely, plus it is not possible to level the bed with nylon in it, because it will act as a bouncer under there and its not possible to clean it, because the nozzle is too close to the bed the whole time, lol…
so how do you even use it for printing in the first place…

unless you just auto leveled it it shouldn’t be that close to the bed and you can just use the little spatula it comes with to scrap off the added filament once your nozzle heats up. you can also hit prepare and then hit temperature and get your nozzle heated up to the right temp for you filament. And no you just can’t auto level the bed without filament.

If you talk about the SV06+, I don’t understand why you say that.
My auto level have always been done without filament.
Just follow the procedure.

how do u do it without the filament if it only has the option to replace it with no pause or cancel?

I understand he talks about the leveling, not the procedure of replacement filament after pause or runout.
But maybe I’m wrong.

why is it printing asa and nylon in mid air tho? pla worked totally fine

Maybe your nozzle is not hot enough and the filament is not flowing normally

i even tried higher temps, but noticed that asa gets a bit weird and stiffer with higher temps?
how much would it matter if the filament was made for 0,2 or 0,4mm nozle and would slower printing speed help to stick them better?

Here are my settings to print with ASA on my SV06+ :

  • printing in an enclosure
  • fan at 0%
  • default printing speed 60mm/s, inner shell 30, outer shell 25, first layer 20, infill 60, bottom solid fill 40, top solid fill 40, top surface 30, bottom surface 40
  • printing temperature: nozzle 245°, bed 100°
  • as a precaution, a little 3Dlac or Dimafix on the board (to be honest, I haven’t put any more since my first impressions)
  • wait until the bed is very cold to take off the model, below 30°
  • print with brim at 0 mm from the model but no more than 2-3 loop lines, it’s useless to draw more, it hangs enough

it has a tent, but the main issue probably is that:

  1. if you replace the filament, u set the temp, but it keeps that temp for some unknown amount of time
  2. by the time you get to the bed level part, the temp is still the same, during the auto z-align part and only drops to 120 degrees when u press the “auto home” option in the menu
  3. by that time, most of the filament has already dripped down from the nozle because of the high 260 temp and the head itself is so low that you cant properly clean it off (because it has gone hard with 120 temp)
  4. so when you try to do the manual probe z-offset, there is a small blob that keeps you from getting the proper z-offset with the paper-drag test
  5. and this is why it later starts to print the part in mid-air, instead of the correct height on the Pei bed ?

I still don’t understand what you are trying to do.
If you want to replace the filament after pause or runout, why do you want to redo the z-align ?
If you want to do a z-align, why do you need filament ?
Which printer do you use ? A SV06+ ?

i just wanted to level it again, because i also moved the printer a bit before getting the new types, but now i actually did the leveling thing 3 times after the print failed 2 times in the air:

  1. 1st time i had to set the height to -2,070
  2. 2nd time i had to set it to -2,140
  3. 2rd time i had to set it to -2,530
  4. so now i’m thinking that the 3rd adjustment might do the trick, because it kinda looks exactly the same height that it 1st did not get… (or maybe even have to do it the 4th time until -2,570, or even 5th time to the original -2,740 when i first did the alignment with the pla, lol - i probably even have the number written down in the forum here in the first troubleshoot posts)

but where does this error come in from and why ?

If you own an sv06+ like me, nowhere in the leveling procedure is it indicated to insert filament to do it.
I just reread the doc.
I could send it to you but mine is in French.
You can download it from the sovol3d site to check.

this is not the + forum, but the regular one

but i think i finally fixed some of the issues by removing the bed wire to outside of the frame, because i noticed that it was moving a lot when i peeked into the tent while it was printing lol…
so im not sure if it’s even supposed to be inside the frame or outside, and if its actually supposed to be outside of the frame, then i might have moved it to inside for some reason while i was moving the thing around a bit…