How to stick Asa and Nylon to the bed?

the printer comes with the Pei surface, but do i have to use some stick glue to properly stick Asa and Nylon to it? (Asa even seems to be harder to stick?)
i currently have the bed leveling issue, where it just starts to print in mid-air, but do i need some glue too or not? and Nylon starts to remove the white line color from the bed once you are able to start printing?


I only used ASA, not nylon.
My recommendations are as follows:

  • printing in enclosure,
  • nozzle temperature 245°,
  • bed temperature 100°,
  • a little bit of 3Dlac or dymafix (not mandatory),
  • wait until the bed is very cold to take off the object (<30°).

With this, I have no print failures.

maybe i just need an actual heated tent(and 120*c bed) for some manuf filaments and others can do without?

I noticed this morning that you have 4 threads going about different things…

You need to get your bed leveled before you do anything else…your z-offset is till not set right…JMO.

Except if you use a very specific filament, it’s not useful.
BTW, unless you make it yourself, does it exist?